Dear Friends

We had the first Craft & Chat meeting of the year recently, and it was good to see everyone enjoying this time together.  Some people had brought their own craftwork to do, others were taking on the challenge of a jigsaw, there was some therapeutic colouring activity and even someone reading one of the many books on offer.  There is quite a good book swap going on now, with a good variety of books – both fact and fiction.  We would love to see more people coming, even just for a chat, activities are optional! Reading is one activity that a great many people enjoy, whether it is newspaper, book or Kindle.  Having a book swap encourages people to talk about what they have read and to recommend good stories or interesting topics.  Some books get passed on before they reach the table again, always a sign of a good story.

Another activity that takes place at Scape is the Zoom Bible study.  This is another way of sharing the reading experience and exploring new ways to learn about God’s Word.  The Bible is full of people who were far from perfect, but who were used by God to fulfil his plans and purposes for the world.  It is always encouraging to know that making mistakes is part of the learning journey and does not mean God can’t use us.  The internet allows us to access the wisdom and knowledge of people who have spent years studying the original Hebrew Scriptures, plus the later Greek and other translations.  This enables us to understand and discuss things that might normally be outside our field of knowledge.

It is wonderful to hear the Word spoken at our Sunday worship, but it is even more wonderful to explore and learn for ourselves by reading the Bible at home or in a study group.  We can have a much deeper relationship with the Lord when we spend time finding out what he tells us through his Word, and putting it into practice in our own lives.  There are now so many helpful study notes to be used, either daily or however often is possible.  Joining with others to explore and discuss what the Bible offers is also a very good way of enriching daily fellowship with the Lord.  Reading just a short passage such as a Psalm or a few verses from a gospel is a good way to start.  Even better if it can become a daily activity at the start of the day, inspiring and challenging our thoughts as we go about the normal routine of our lives.

Romans 15 v 4: “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

Many blessings in the days to come.